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       Lixian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional wireless audio system manufacturer with more than 20 years of history in China.

The masononsic brand was founded in 2014. It is dedicated to the R&D, design, production and sales of audio products such as wireless microphones and wireless conference systems. It is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development and production of professional audio equipment.

       The self-owned brand “masononsic” series products are sold well both at home and abroad. Wireless professional microphones and wireless education, tour guides and conference systems have maintained a large market share with domestic advanced technology.

       Lixian Technology Co., Ltd. has a high-quality, highly educated research and development, technical service team and professional sales team, relying on modern management system, is committed to providing customers with a variety of wireless professional audio products.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to adhere to the development path of high-quality products, large-scale production, professional operation, regionalization of business, and differentiated management. We will make the “masononsic” brand with an honest and trustworthy corporate image and mutually beneficial cooperation model. Be a bridge for you and me to achieve mutual benefit. 

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